Microsoft held an event to show its latest, and we are gonna recap it for you.
  • Windows 10 First of all, ITS FREE! Yeah, a free update from “Windows 8 and 7”. And you must upgrade within a year or later you will be charged. The infrastructure is rebuilt to be seamlessly used with all windows OS devices, that means Windows phone and the tablets that are running Windows Mobile. It a great move and its really needed.
  • Spartan It`s a new browser “bye bye Explorer”. Built up from scratch for more speed and the one and only virtual assistant “Cortana” the Siri competitor.
  • Xbox One Games You can stream the Xbox One games on your PC as long as you are in the same network. You can also play in a multiplayer game regarding if you are playing with an Xbox or a PC, you can play together. This is a feature that gonna be highly appreciated from gamers, and from us as well.
  • Windows Holographic And HoloLens Forget the Virtual Reality and say hello to Augmented Reality. Its a reality that let you blend real objects with virtual elements, information and guidelines that are viewable via a wearable headset device. And they’re working to help make this compatible with all kinds of emerging hardware on that horizon, including Oculus Rift, and Magic Leap.
Conclusion: This puts Microsoft back on the software and the hardware scale. This move must been done along time ago, but hey, better late then never.